Art by Tamoy

Hey loves!

I would like to share a part of me that most of you are probably already be familiar with; my love for painting.  Painting gives me great joy.  But more so a sense of purpose. I’m am very grateful for the gift and I want to share it with the world. When it comes to painting, I do what I feel in the moment. Which is why I don’t necessarily paint for money. I try to tell a story through all my paintings and hope that it could touch someone in the right moment. It is always interesting to hear what people’s perspectives are…

Below are a few pieces from my upcoming collection. 

The Phenomenal Women, Medium: Oil on canvas, size: 22×28

This piece was created during the time of the feminist movement. I believe strongly in Equal Pay and Women’s Rights. I don’t believe that this is a man’s world, we all know that they are not strong enough. But that’s talk for another day. 

The Girl Leaving the World, Medium: Oil on canvas, size: 22×28

I wanted this piece to shine a light on depression. Most women won’t admit that they are depressed. Sometimes we’re aware but don’t feel we need to share it with anyone. But it’s ok to let things come to the light sometimes. It’s ok to take time for yourself, by yourself. Whether it is to get pampered at the salon or just taking a walk in the park. It’s ok. 

The Great Disguise, Medium: Oil on canvas, size: 12×24

I love makeup. I love that I can use makeup to enhance my own self. Just like paint you can create a masterpiece. Every time I put on makeup I feel like I’m creating a new piece. Which is why I had to do this piece. 

The Great Outdoors, Charcoal on textured paper

This is a bonus piece. It’s is one of my drawings to date. This was done as a class project and I’ve loved it ever since. Creating art outdoors is phenomenal. I’d do it everyday if I could. 
I want to complete this collection with hopes of having a viewing exhibition. I hope to see you all there. 

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