Jamaica, No problem

For everyone who knows me personally, you would know that I am originally from Jamaica. For those of you who are not familiar with my story; I was born and raised in Jamaica, W.I. I migrated here at the age of 17 and from there I went to college and I’ve been living in New York ever since. 

Where do I start…

My friends and I stayed at the Riu Montego Bay. The hotel was phenomenal as was their staff. It was all-inclusive, which was very convenient because there was always something to eat and drink. I loved the fact that there was a jerk hut on-site (mouth-watering goodness). I also loved that there was an abundance of cocktails, which was almost my downfall (literally) but I’ll elaborate later. The wi-fi was not free but it was also affordable so it wasn’t so bad in the end. The bedding and towel were a little dated but the overall experience was good. I would highly recommend this hotel.

The first thing we did upon arriving was go the jerk hut, and this was prior to checking the room to make sure everything was ok. We also ending up getting caught in the rain. We didn’t do much the 1st night even though we had planned to. Let’s just say we (well I) underestimated the rum punch. I ended up falling in the pool, yes on the first night.

…Ok so, we were walking back from the swim up bar and I had a little sand residue left on my feet; so I thought I’d rinse it off in the pool. This was clearly the worst idea. I dipped my foot in but for some reason stepped deeper that I should have and fell straight to the bottom. Please consider the fact that I cannot swim so immediately I went into shock. Here comes the lifeguard, strolling over with his net. “It’s only 4 ft  you can come out” he said, with his Jamaican accent. First of all, I didn’t even know it was only 4ft so I’m holding on to the side of the pool trying to stay afloat. To sum it all up my phone was trashed I had to put it in rice for over 2 days luckily It started working again.  It still ended up being trashed because the screen got completely shattered from a fall, but that’s a story for a different time…

Meet Stem, like the weed. So this guy was strolling down the beach with his little canoe; I thought it was the coolest thing.



We did all our activities with Chukka tours which was set up through the hotel’s concierge. The first excursion we did was the Catamaran Tour in Ocho Rios. Which is a guided tour that takes you from Dunn’s River Falls to Margaritaville. This tour also included snorkeling which I did not do because… I can’t swim; which I plan to fix this summer. The boat was nice and clean and the crew was super energetic and fun.



On the catamaran they provided us with virgin rum punch prior to climbing the falls and then authentic rum punch along with reggae music for the cruise back to Margaritaville. They did this because the falls is very high risk and dangerous activity.


Top and Bottom: Zara

Sandals: Forever 21

Swim Suit: Hot Miami Styles

Dunn’s River falls

Day 2 we went to Martha’s Brae. I was slowly panicking on my way to rafts and as I saw the set rafts stacked next to each other that panic grew even more. Then, all that went away as soon as we sat on the raft and head down the river. It was the most serene thing I’ve ever experienced. Also, the water isn’t dirty, it’s actually that color because of all the heavy rain.

The captain of the raft was very informative and really good at giving directions as to how to get a great picture. They made up little fixtures that they handcrafted out of bamboo.

The Amazion Woman

East Indian Mango

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