Stone Street Near Wall St

The best adventures are the ones least expected. The ones you stumble upon that takes your breath away. The Downtown of New York City is filled with so much culture.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a strip of restaurants in the heart Wall St filled with European style restaurant. As you enter Stone St, you are greeted by a beautiful brick pavement enclosed by european style buildings. The street is filled with numerous outdoor seatings. A vast variety of restaurants to choose from all of which contributes to the european culture. I decided to eat at Smorgas Chef, a Scandinavian Restaurant. It was the decor and white cushion seating in the window that grabbed my attention. I liked the food, my food choices were fantastic; however was not so great. I loved smoked salmon as well as asparagus which was wrapped in proscuito.

Proscuito wrapped asparagus and arugula salad & Cured Smoked Salmon



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